This is Danny who walks the streets of Sydney with a sign board with cheeky puns. He has a court case pending for calling a former Prime Minister of Australia a “CaNT”.

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Dead Ringer

I am currently noticing and intrigued by reflections on my pavement pounding.

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Monga Khan

“Did Australia inherit its IDENTITY from the people who created the White Australia Policy or does Aussie have more to do with the people who survived it.” artist Peter Drew.

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This lovely lady allowed me to make her portrait while she was attending the door to the bar, greeting patrons.

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Posse Pose

The latest portrait from the pavement.


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Silhouettes and Shadows

Late afternoon sun, last rays between the highrise buildings beaming only on this one sandstone pillar.

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Sydney Gay and Lesbian  MArdi Gras 5.03.16.

A civil rights protest for political and legal recognition of LBGTI rights, starting in 1978 with violent clashes with police.


Tactical grey, circular gestures.

The elderly in Hong Kong are an active population. Their working hours are spent occupying public parks performing elegant circular gestures of Tai Chi or tactical grey matter maneuvering.

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