Mrs Lau & Kyeemagh Market Gardens, a photoessay.

Mrs & Mr Lau are retiring next week after living and toiling their plot for 20 odd years, selling their plot to a neighbouring gardener.




Recognising her from across the street, they flocked to greet her. They know this lady, the one that feeds them everyday.

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A bird in the hand

SOme people have a real affinity to birds. I see this lady daily with a bag of bread feeding the Ibis’s, pigeons and seagulls.

“Her name is baby, she only has one leg. I’ve been feeding her for 9 months now.”

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The Pilgrim


untitled LR-205Sri Veeramakaliamman temple Singapore 2015.

Nocturnal Safari

A gurgle initiates

Nocturnal safari

Ah, sweet lord!

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Nocturnal Newtown

Newtown Sydney Australia. There is an energy of diversity and the eccentric.

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If you can find a path with

No obstacles

It probably doesn’t

Lead anywhere

Frank A. Clark


The majority of us have migrated from somewhere else to make this lovely country of ours, Australia, our home. The photos today were taken in Cabramatta the Vietnamese enclave of Sydney. Exotic with great Viet food, shopping and culture.