Distorted House

Enjoying the distorted view from light housing of motorbikes.



Recognising her from across the street, they flocked to greet her. They know this lady, the one that feeds them everyday.

2016_08Bird Feeders-20-Edittexture


2016_08Bird Feeders-77-Edittexture


Wandered into a Taoist Temple today and found this elderly man rolling his tobacco. Slowly in the moment.

2016_07WMC Xmas in July-92texture.jpg

Psychological Warfare

I stood and squatted from many vantage points to get a unique point of view while the psychological warfare played out. I decided the images were to be a diptych.




Poetry $4

What caught my attention initially was the sign on this man’s head. But what intrigued me was his shoes; that they were held together with tape.