Into the light



Psychological Warfare

I stood and squatted from many vantage points to get a unique point of view while the psychological warfare played out. I decided the images were to be a diptych.





Spending much time on the streets photographing, I often see the same people. The buskers, preachers and the wild.

untitled LR-167texture


Lit billboard advertising are great as a soft box. I often stand on the edge just on the dark side of an illuminated ad and wait for potential subjects to walk past.

It is not often I observe people walk in contemplation. No phone. Just thoughts and a slow meander into my camera.
untitled LR-163texture



I am noticing an interesting aspect to my photography naturally developing. I’ll often frame an image and wait for the final elements to come together. Which means i’m often just standing in one spot waiting. This is counter to my typical method which is to just walk and move.

untitled LR-25-2texture


This lovely lady allowed me to make her portrait while she was attending the door to the bar, greeting patrons.

untitled LR-105texture