We are children of the SUN

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North Island of New Zealand







Liquid Silver

As a surfer, I understand the ocean’s call is strong for some.


The Savage State

Mahatma Gandi wrote a letter to Hitler imploring him to change course to prevent “reducing humanity to the savage state”

Throughout the western world including Australia there is a concerning emergence of a fascism. The Australian flag and the words “Aussie Pride” code for exclusion.

These images were made at Cronulla Sydney Australia.

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The Early Bird

Those that greet life, get rewarded. A new sunrise a new promise of hope.

Art Car LR-86

The Hairy Hand of God

“Well the SHADOW¬†was on him, the Hairy Hand of God, and he knew that being a man was the saddest, most useless thing that could happen to someone. To be alive, to be feeling, to be conscious. It was the cruellest bloody joke. In the dark, night after night, he raised his mangled fist to the sky and said things that frightened him” – Tim Winton. Cloudstreet.

Sutherland Shire LR-130

Rain hail or shine

Arriving early to the beach expecting to get that sunrise. However as I organised myself with camera in hand, the clouds laden with rain, dumped. There was no one but myself and two people on the whole beach. I ran towards them and took the photo. It was raining so hard that I initially thought they were walking away from me.

Rain hail or shine


Cocktatoos are the clowns of the bird world. They look to be having the most fun dive bombing cars, laughing, chiacking and fighting over food. Cockatoos are the clowns of the bird world. They are indeed having the most fun.