Lit billboard advertising are great as a soft box. I often stand on the edge just on the dark side of an illuminated ad and wait for potential subjects to walk past.

It is not often I observe people walk in contemplation. No phone. Just thoughts and a slow meander into my camera.
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This is Danny who walks the streets of Sydney with a sign board with cheeky puns. He has a court case pending for calling a former Prime Minister of Australia a “CaNT”.

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I am noticing an interesting aspect to my photography naturally developing. I’ll often frame an image and wait for the final elements to come together. Which means i’m often just standing in one spot waiting. This is counter to my typical method which is to just walk and move.

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Dead Ringer

I am currently noticing and intrigued by reflections on my pavement pounding.

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Monga Khan

“Did Australia inherit its IDENTITY from the people who created the White Australia Policy or does Aussie have more to do with the people who survived it.” artist Peter Drew.

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This lovely lady allowed me to make her portrait while she was attending the door to the bar, greeting patrons.

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