As a child, I was amazed and drawn to the effect of city lights at night. As an adult, I am still dazzled and drawn.

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I’m conflicted when it comes to photographing the destitute and homeless. I have read numerous interviews from photographers I respect, who state that it is disrespectful to do so.

Living tough on the streets is a part of the urban landscape as much as the cyclists, the commuters, party goers and the urgent.  As street photographers, if some subjects are taboo, then in this regard,  these people become further from public discourse, invisible.





Mad Men

GPO Martin Place. Sydney Australia

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All the beauty of life, is made up of light and shadow

Leo TOlstoy

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Sydney Gay and Lesbian  MArdi Gras 5.03.16.

A civil rights protest for political and legal recognition of LBGTI rights, starting in 1978 with violent clashes with police.


Liquid Silver

As a surfer, I understand the ocean’s call is strong for some.



I love when it rains in the city, the colours pop. I can’t help but feel like i’m on a blade runner set when the neons reflect off the pavement.

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