While travelling overseas, I often seek out temples, churches and mosques. Marvelling the architecture while embracing the often quiet times, just to sit.


untitled LR-555Masjid Sultan. Singapore 2015


Quiet Moments


HongKong2015 LR-51

Tactical grey, circular gestures.

The elderly in Hong Kong are an active population. Their working hours are spent occupying public parks performing elegant circular gestures of Tai Chi or tactical grey matter maneuvering.

HongKong2015 LR-597


HongKong2015 LR-624


HongKong2015 LR-78

Hong Kong Flux

There is an energy of movement in Hong Kong, it physically moves you with it or out of the way. Body checking and body contact the norm. Whatever you do, don’t stand still in Hong Kong.

HongKong2015 LR-357HongKong2015 LR-147