Pavement People

‘her teeth have fallen out so her tongue hangs out all the time’

Street Portraiture

BLow It

Ba Ba Baaba

Trumpet cuts through

city chaos and noise

A singular poetic sound

Blow it


Their weekends are spent at the local hardware warehouse. Accumulation of tools.

Forever tinkering, improving, repairing.



I walk past this row of benches on the way to work. I’ve waited for a year or so for only one person to be sitting close to either end.



Nocturnal Safari

A gurgle initiates

Nocturnal safari

Ah, sweet lord!

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Newtown Spray Up

On my meanderings in the alleyways of NEwtown, I came across Yuri and Thai crew Alex Face and co. spraying up a legal wall.

I asked Alex if his charming character he sprayed had a name. He answered his daughter.

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