Ting Ting

Cyclists brave

city streets

Smog, open car doors

near misses

Psychopathic raging motorists

ting ting of bell

The flash


Behind The CuRtain

Behind the Shiny lights

Behind the CuRtains

Is where humanity lives

Behind the CurTain
Behind the CurTain

Best of Buddies

Best of buddies, permission granted by both parties for their portrait to be taken. However, it took Cocky a little longer to okay it.

Bird's best friend
Bird’s best friend


If you can find a path with

No obstacles

It probably doesn’t

Lead anywhere

Frank A. Clark


They have become the second class citizens of our society, they huddle in alcoves and fire escapes in order to have a puff.

5D markII Test LR-99

The Strand

Australia is a relatively young country in European terms. The strand arcade in Sydney is a bookmark to the past. Its old world bespoke and victorian era architecture impress on the shopper.

untitled LR-151


The majority of us have migrated from somewhere else to make this lovely country of ours, Australia, our home. The photos today were taken in Cabramatta the Vietnamese enclave of Sydney. Exotic with great Viet food, shopping and culture.