Kings Crossed

untitled LR-70-3

Over the last few years in Sydney, there has been growing violence particularly on the weekend. Fueled by drugs, alcohol and ego, people took liberty in punching each other in the head. Fatalities amassed as skulls became eggshells on the pavement.

Historically, if you wanted to party in Sydney, Kings Cross was where it was happening. A once boheme community, transformed into a chow mein of suburban kids, American sailors, strippers, dealers, clubbers and violence.

Due to the increasing fatalities, the New South Wales state government enacted new alcohol laws. A 1:30 lockout and 3am last drinks. The chow mein of humans in Kings Cross dried up. Bars closed, the vibe died. The suburban kids spread out to areas not affected by the new sweeping laws, bringing with them a culture not seen previously in the saturated communities of Newtown.

The above graffiti was photographed in Newtown.


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