Gesture 1.

Gestures can be so expressive. It is often said that body language betrays what we are saying.

This is a first image of a new project call Gestures.

scott portrait LR-3


The Blues player No. 2

untitled LR-16

My Father’s Son

Dad portrait LR-23

” Hello son” is how my father greets Richard Parker the family cat.

Squeeze on CheeSE

This is an ode to the late night food vendors.

You feed me when I am barely lucid

You provide me with options such as mustard and squeeze on cheese

You are there at my hour of desperate need

To the late night food vendors!


Fight On

From personal experience, depression is a dark heavy storm cloud over your internal universe. Forecast is for an ongoing storm front. Those of us that survive, battle on. We turn up umbrella in hand.

Just the act of having an umbrella in hand even if you don’t brave the storm is a statement. A statement that I will fight on.

untitled LR-35-4

The Early Bird

Those that greet life, get rewarded. A new sunrise a new promise of hope.

Art Car LR-86

Stake in the Ground

OVer the years, I have found my voice.

Putting a stake in the ground and speaking ones minds has been a challenge for me over the years, however, challenging or difficult it is, it is essential.Even going against populist opinion if that is my truth. Have you found your authentic voice?

untitled LR-470


We are here but not here.

Present. Mindful. Observant. The day dreamer. These concepts are elusive and escape us all.

Don’t beam me up Scotty.

untitled LR-200