The Hairy Hand of God

“Well the SHADOW was on him, the Hairy Hand of God, and he knew that being a man was the saddest, most useless thing that could happen to someone. To be alive, to be feeling, to be conscious. It was the cruellest bloody joke. In the dark, night after night, he raised his mangled fist to the sky and said things that frightened him” – Tim Winton. Cloudstreet.

Sutherland Shire LR-130


Beat but not Beaten

untitled LR-336

Pulse of Life


Music is the pulse of life. Food, Family & Friends the sustenance. 

I’ve lost my fear of the high iso and associated noise. This shot was taken at night with the violinist walking, moving back and forth as he played. Aperture as wide as I could get it at f2.8 and iso 1600 (highest my anon 400D would go) and shutter speed fast as I could despite the darkness.

Bright Spark

I’ve watched my niece Angelique grow into a young woman. A bright spark, full of life.   family

Rain hail or shine

Arriving early to the beach expecting to get that sunrise. However as I organised myself with camera in hand, the clouds laden with rain, dumped. There was no one but myself and two people on the whole beach. I ran towards them and took the photo. It was raining so hard that I initially thought they were walking away from me.

Rain hail or shine


Cocktatoos are the clowns of the bird world. They look to be having the most fun dive bombing cars, laughing, chiacking and fighting over food. Cockatoos are the clowns of the bird world. They are indeed having the most fun.




Blues at Sunrise

IMG_3303Early morning attracts a certain type of person. The morning
walkers. The expectant surfer scanning the horizon for swell.
Bootcampers pushing pulling and sweating. The early morning is a
hive of activity.

Body language

I like the body language in this photo. The ease these two friends play foes while the world around them hums and moves at light speed. Still and poised.

Letting myself be known to them by sitting and watching with camera in my lap, in view. They were not the least interested in the fella with the camera rather the moment of their match to the death. Non verbal consent was given to take photos and I was able to patiently compose and slowly capture. Street photography is generally fast paced, fast shutter speed, an instant. Sharpening of the senses. Nice to take a slow photo.




Our life is enriched if we share it. I love this intimate moment between this man and his dog.



Horses are graceful. Unlike some homo sapiens.