Hand Fed

As I watched her hand feed individual pigeons, I witness tenderness.


Bird Feedertexture.jpg

Primordial Landscape of the Eurobodalla Coast.

I have carried my camera among the bustling streets and alleyways of Hong Kong, Bali and Sydney, capturing pavement people. It is a highly energised and a frenetic pace. Split of millisecond moments require endurance and fast reflexes.

Nature landscapes are much kinder to my nervous system. It is still about timing, often of a slow cyclical nature. Tidal, blue, golden, polaris. Characteristics of calm, planning and space are evident.


2017_01_Potato Point 2017_173173texture.jpg

Youthful searching

The universe shifted while camping with my nephew recently. He was eager to sit for a portrait and honestly present himself devoid of braggadocio. If you knew him, you would realise that this was highly uncharacteristic from the otherwise sarcastic middle finger saluting youth.

While sitting with and editing his portrait, I gained a sense of a young man vulnerable, searching and in the process of  finding his place in this strange world. Going through this photographic process I came to see my evolving young nephew in a different light.




WAiting Area

Fathers await for their thrill seeking family. Cronulla 20162017_01_Cronulla Ferris Wheel_028028texture.jpg


Monks intrigue me, the contrast of colour and culture.

2016_11_I protest_193193texture-2.jpg

Papy Love

” hey take a photo of me”. That’s how I met Papy Love. Unusual as it is, usually it is me working myself up to do the asking if I can.

Papy Love is proud of his song on youtube Papy Love – ananipenda.

Papy Love

Papy Love

Papy Love

Papy Love

Papy Love

Papy Love